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The Trinity of Cognition


Think Better



Tips, tricks, techniques, and brain-hacks to become the best you.


After 35 years of studying, practicing and testing I created CRUSH-IT-CLUB. It's a community of leaders, founders & executive directors committed to becoming their best selves inside and outside of their organizations.

It's for those who don’t need convincing that science WORKS, & are looking for ways to tweak, hack, & level-up their leadership.  

I post videos, questions, articles, insights & advice to social media daily. I'm working on a BLOG & newsletter with bite size insights into leadership through a Neuro-Cognitive Leadership & Design lens. I give actionable advice in plain talk, through to full on geek, if you want to go deeper.  

So what are you waiting for? It’s your turn. 
tim #bgreen🌏

"an outstanding and rare thinker."

- Victor Umukoro
Scrum Master

"consulting with him has helped me sharpen my focus toward specific goals"

- Toshon Jennings
UX/UI Design


Neuroscience is having a "sexy" moment in business, and that makes me REALLY happy, and yet sad. Have you heard of neuroplasticity ? If you have, congratulations, we'll be talking about it here a fair bit. And condolences, for any pseudo-scientific misinformation your brain may have been fed on the topic:-?

Please allow me to summarize its essence so you are better informed about it going forward.

Some rarely discussed facts on neuroplasticity:

1 ) It's a CONSTANT process of your brain rewiring itself in response to practice, learning and environmental factors.

2 ) If anyone tells you " If you do X it will actually rewire your brain. ", they're correct, but so will doing Y & Z... EVERYTHING you do repeatedly will almost certainly rewire your brain to some extent, including watching T.V. & laying on the couch every night.

3 ) Rewiring is a given, but it's neither limitless, fast, nor inherently desirable. The great news is, it can be increased, continuous & directed towards your greatest aspirations.

4 ) It becomes a remarkable, life & leadership changing exercise when you do it INTENTIONALLY, at the top edge of your current ( & therefore continuously expanding ) ability, frequently & consistently for extended periods of time. Ideally, the rest of your life.

We'll go further down this rabbit hole over time, but the above 4 points make you better informed, and more discerning than most when it comes to the effortless snake-oil versions you may have seen online.
tim #bgreen🌏