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Neuro-Cognitive Design is the intersection of Cognitive Neuroscience combined with scientifically validated success & leadership principles from ALL empirical disciplines.

It's simple in practice & application, yet based on rigorous research, ancient wisdom, and everyday common sense.

My mission is to present the best of the better practices while eliminating the pseudoscience, and easy, false promises that now pervade the success & leadership industry.

NOTHING is completely known, understood or ever finished & so this BLOG, Neuro-Cognitive Leadership & its Design will be forever in development.

I promise that NOTHING will be taken as sacrosanct, or the final word. EVERYTHING can, & should be made better as new research, knowledge & experience help us all grow ourselves and those we are leading & mentoring to become ever better versions of themselves.

As a great admirer of the best minds of this age, & all others we will ALL grow smarter & wiser together, than we ever could apart. For that reason ALL credible discussion of anything that appears in this community is open to debate, revision and improvement toward the betterment of us all. This will be done in the spirit and process best described by Ray Dalio in his HIGHLY recommended book Principles.

I'm extremely excited to see where we can take this, & how we can collectively teach, learn & examine the potential of Neuro-Cognitive Leadership & Design to make the most of our own brains, those whose lives we touch & the greater world we all aspire to improve through our work.

This is the very beginning, and yet is the culmination of 35+ years of my own search for patterns and principles of leadership, success & excellence soundly grounded in scientific methodologies, & yet open to anything that can be empirically demonstrated to be effective.

I look forward to helping you become the very best & ever better leaders & people you're capable of by focusing on what you do best. We'll do this primarily through a neuroscientific lens in a way that is practical for anyone in leadership who is striving for excellence throughout their companies & within themselves.
tim #bgreen🌏
( B.Sc.Psychology
/ Neuroscience )

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