Hello everyone, I'm Tim.

I'm 56, Canadian & resident in Japan for over 16 years. I studied neuroscience at university of Lethbridge ( Alberta, Canada ) and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology ( Neuroscience ).

I have been a lifelong student of everything I was interested in, which honestly, wasn't school, until I reached university and could choose what I wanted to learn about;-)

I've been a lifelong inventor, or in my mother's word's " for as long as I can remember. " I've taught ESL ( English as a Second Language ) in Japan to the universal geniuses a.k.a. young kids through to C-Suite executives for major national and international companies. During the same time I've also worked in product development and licensing, for an Amazon seller start-up as an intern and product manager, and now I'm bringing all the pieces together in my Neuro-Cognitive Leadership & Design consultancy.

I help founders, leaders and executive directors to do what they do best even better through cutting edge methodologies, combined with ancient wisdom, common sense, simple modern techniques, validated by neuroscience, academic research, & real world business experience.

I teach you to use your " wetware " ( brain ) and software ( cognition / thinking ) in the most effective way to lead, teach, learn & succeed BETTER through Neuro-Cognitive Leadership & Design.

Here's to your success through science,
tim #bgreen🌏